Hello world!

Wow!  I love the sunset picture and I did not even choose it!  How cool is that!

There is sooo much I do not have a clue about and I am not really sure that I am ready to put all of this down in print yet, but I figure, what the hey?  Right?  Anyway, I think I will go check in (gee that reminded me of how you check into a motel and put all your stuff up and then run around and check the surroundings out.  Yes, that is what I am going to do for now!  Hope that I do not get lost and can find my way back here!

Ok, I tried to put this on the page and nothing happened.  Hmmmm. not sure what to do.  Maybe over here on the right side.  Well that seems to put it down so I can preview it but it does not seem to save it yet.  Ah ha!  The update button makes it work!  I should have known.

Instead of hello world, this first entry should be called blogging for dummies!

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